Day #5, January 21, 2013

This was written a few days ago but there is no internet out here, so I was unable to post it. Thankfully a friend is letting me use is iPhone as a wifi hotspot, which is awesome, so I figured I would post it now. This is the most extensive piece of writing I’ve written while out here so it will be the only thing I post for now.


It is day five of this journey, and I feel completely content. I am completely satisfied with every decision I have made in my life so far—even all the mistakes and all the embarrassing phases—because they have all led me to this. This makes up for it all. There is no school here, no dead-end job to slave at, no people who are leagues beneath you in intelligence treating you like you’re a moron; none of that at all. Here there is only now. I am paying some mind to the future, but I feel that is much easier to do here. I have no daily worries and distractions and am free to contemplate the future with ease and without anxiety. Here there is only thinking. And it’s absolutely wonderful. I am still undecided about what I want to do at this point—for the short term I think I will stay here about a month, and then head on to another farm. I have that WWOOF host on Maui that runs the smoothie stand, and that is the first option. I should also send out some more emails since I have been to a farm already and that I have experience. This should make me more attractive to some hosts and should give me many more opportunities than I currently have. I may have to leave in a month in a half or two depending on when Robin leaves. Whether to leave before or after is up to debate and needs more consideration. If I leave before I have to leave before February 16th, and if I leave after I won’t be able to leave until In the long term, I am honestly considering making this my life’s purpose, i.e. devoting myself completely to travel and to the pursuing of that passion. While it may not make me rich and may not lead to many worldly goods, what do I need of those? All I need is this: complete freedom, learning new things, and a complete escape from  the trap known as ‘life’. That isn’t life: this is. This right here: dingy, chilly cabin in the middle of the Hawaiian rainforest, with only a small building and the land to get by on. No idea where I will be the next day and really not caring either way. Not grinding away in some restaurant or some office building. This is living.


                Today was fantastic. I was awoken to the other WWOOFers offering me purple hand grown herbs from the garden—can’t beat that. Then we all went to the beach. We went to Champagne Ponds, a place that was the size of about 6 or 7 swimming pools. It was a natural hot spring, but the water was mixed with ocean water (the ocean was held at bay from the springs by a dam-like wall of rocks, which had a small cut in it to allow some sea water through.) Fish abounded in the water and we got nibbled on here and there, which tickled and slightly startled you more than anything. The water was hot, but the sea water made it cold in some spots, which was less comfortable then we would have liked since it was extremely windy and chilly. After swimming for about forty five minutes, Coleman (another WWOOFer) and I ran off to enjoy  a nice smoke. We turned right off of the rocks (a path that was rather out of the way) and found ourselves overlooking cliffs that overlooked the ocean. You could see forever and the water was the most astounding shade of blue—I immediately regretted not bringing my camera. We freed our minds and walked along the cliffs, and saw countless crabs scurrying about. It was truly the most beautiful place I had been in my life. I will never forget it.

                After that, we ate some peanut butter and jelly and then ate some passion fruit we found in the forest near the beach. It was insanely delicious and completely foreign, which made it even greater. After that we headed to another beach. This beach actually had ocean water, though there wasn’t much sand. There was a little bit of white sand on the beach in the front, but after walking through a path through the woods we arrived at a small section of black sand beach. The black sand was completely different; very cool. We all smoked some more and then I decided to go explore what Robin had said was a hot spring. We had passed it on the way in. The hot spring was down a large depression in the land. Pourous, black rocks lined the edge of the water, and when you looked up from the water you could see rock walls and palm trees above you. It absolutely tied the cliffs from earlier that day for most beautiful place I had ever seen. The water was indescribable—it was almost crystal clear and it was extremely warm. It was much warmed than Champagne Ponds had been. While Champagne Ponds felt like a lukewarm bathtub, this hot spring was like a hot-tub. I sat in the pool and contemplated how perfect everything in my life was at that moment. I sat there for an hour, just sitting under a small alcove the pond had in it, alone in a pond full of strangers, just thinking. The level of relaxation I felt is indescribable. I reluctantly had to leave when an awkward 16 year old boy decided he was going to continue to try and talk to and joke with me—I’m not a mean guy by any means and was completely nice to the boy, I just wasn’t trying to socialize. He was very socially awkward and conversation was slightly painful. Then, his mother came over and began to make small talk that was about as awkward as the boys. I was polite and nice and told them I had to go and thanked them for talking to me. Inside, I was cheering that was away from them, but angry I had to leave the pond. I could have stayed for hours, just sitting there. After that I met up with everybody and we headed to the truck (we sat in the very back in some seats they had in the bed of the truck—we were out in the open and it was beautiful. Aside from being worried we would get bludgeoned to death by mangos while we were driving through a mango tree forest, it was a fantastic ride.) We arrived home and the day essentially ended. We ate, laughed, and then I just came out here to the bunk and began writing. It’s been an amazing day, and its days like these that make me think I need to just devote my life to this. I’m going now, journal. I’m going to stare in awe at the Hawaiian sky and to think about my place in this universe—it’s going to be a fun night.

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The First Day (So Far)

My view from LAX

My view from LAX

Got about 2 hours of sleep last night before having to wake up at 4 to head to BWI. After saying goodbye to my family and getting slightly teary-eyed, I headed out to Philadelphia, which was easy enough. Once there I ate, walked around, and got on Reddit–pretty much everything I do at home. Three hours later and I was on my 6 hour flight to LA which, while not bad by any means, was pretty grueling. The third guy in our row was kind of a dick (I had to explain to him that if I could not go to the restroom and keep him from getting up I would in a heartbeat, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. He didn’t appreciate my joke that ‘I guess this is the epitome of ‘shit happens, huh?’. What a prick.) and the flight was rather cramped, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. Just very long, and quite boring at times. Now I sit in LAX waiting to head out to Honolulu in a bit–yet another 6 hour flight. It really blows that I’m trapped in here, because the weather in LA right now is absolutely perfect. But, hopefully this flight is a little better. I think I’ll be able to sleep this time, which will definitely be appreciated. I’ll be arriving in Honolulu at 8pm Hawaiian time (11pm LA time, 2am Maryland time) and, hopefully, I’ll do some more updates then.

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The Least Meaningful People My Life Has to Offer

I feel like people have this idea that by leaving your comfort zone you will be doomed to total, unavoidable disaster. When I tell people about this trip I get a lot of comments in the vein of “Is that safe?” “Can you really do that?” “You’re going to die/end up in modern day slavery”, and I think it’s ridiculous. Yes, there is something to be said for being careful, but must we all live in giant fear-bubbles? Must we all be deathly scared of the world around us? Trips like this aren’t for everybody (shoot, they may not even be for me), but why must we try to beat those who want something a bit more out of life into submission? Previously I was under and extreme amount of anxiety because of this trip, but I have now realized that the majority of that anxiety has come from listening to the people who say I can’t do this–listening to those people that are pretty much the least meaningful people my life has to offer. And it’s a mistake I won’t be making anymore.

Also: To be fair, I have been getting a lot of positive responses to this trip, and to those people I say thank you. Thanks to everyone who thinks I can actually do this–it means a lot.

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So, I guess I’m making a travel blog. Huh. There probably won’t be much here until my trip is underway, but we’ll see what happens.

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