I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. The past two weeks have held more adventure for me than my entire first three months on this island combined, but there is really no way I can update regularly. For a while fate smiled upon me and I was quite blessed and lucky, but the past week has not been so kind. In that time alone a bottle of water opened in my bag frying my laptop, I have dislocated my thumb hopping out of a truck bed I was hitching in, and just today my phone (and my last way to contact the outside world) died for no apparent reason. I feel quite cursed.


In the past few weeks I’ve gone all the way north into Hawi, hiked into a majestic sacred valley that is Polululu, and have spent  a lot of time with some really great, fantastic people. I also had the most spiritual experience of my life a few days ago. I have had so many incredible adventures, but really don’t have the time or the ability to go into any great detail with them. I will try to update eventually but I apologize in advance for the lack of posting that is sure to follow

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  1. Hi Devin 🙂

    Having experienced this for myself, I completely understand how difficult it can be to chronicle your adventures as you’re having them. It takes a quiet space between sojourns to compile it.

    I’m sorry the phone I found didn’t work. Be sure to text me when you get a new one. I’m sure the number will be the same as long as you swap the SIM card with the new phone (since it’ll be the same carrier).

    Anyway, good luck on your adventures, bro! I have a feeling we shall meet again 🙂

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