Day #71, March 28, 2013-

It’s been a month since I last wrote anything, and in that time I’ve gone to a pretty crazy rave, met tons of crazy people, and I’ve just been doing my thing. I’ve been pretty comfortable here at the B&B, and in a way that has been a problem. I feel that comfort definitely breeds complacency and I am beginning to see how true that statement is the longer I stay here. When I first arrived here I woke up early every morning to get my work done as soon as possible so I could head off into the world and explore, but now I’m lucky if I’m awake by 9 and done with my work by 4. And by that point it’s too late to do anything. But this really isn’t because of laziness; there just really isn’t much to do around here. I’ve seen the best places, I go to the best events all around town, and I’m just running out of things to do in this little 30mile area. So it isn’t Hawaii I’m getting tired of by any means, it’s Puna (the district I am currently in). And at first 25 hours a week just for rent was fine, but now it’s beginning to become a huge chore and it’s beginning to become quite grueling. I work more than anyone else in the house, yet I have to inconvenience myself whenever he needs me to work (while everyone else gets to set their own hours) and I have the smallest room. Yes, I have heat and electricity and a kitchen and a shower, but I didn’t come out here to have household amenities, I came here to explore the island and to see. Every now and then I’ll do something cool here (I went to that rave which was awesome, and tomorrow we’re hiking to the lava at 3am), but for the most part it’s the same old same old. A few days ago I started wondering why I’m working for 5 hours a day just to be stuck in this house when I could be out exploring and sleep anywhere I want to. So I think I’m going to do just that. Yesterday I went and bought a tent and next week I’ll probably go and buy a tiny propane camping stove and then I’ll probably just head out and beach bum it for a while. My current plan is to head out for a week (where to I have no fucking clue, but I guess I’ll figure out where I’m going once I get there) and then come back after that and work for another week, at which point I’ll probably just head right back out and bum around for a bit. This way I get to see and explore the island without having to be completely homeless. And, for all those worrying about my safety while I’m out and about—don’t be. This is Hawaii, not Baltimore.

Today I told my host that I will probably be leaving next week to which he replied “Great! Go have an adventure!”. He said that I would be welcomed back but he couldn’t guarantee I’d have my room left when I returned, in which case I’d end up sleeping in the basement. I can live with that.  


And to those dudes in Boston I met over Chatroullette–thanks for keeping up with me guys. It’s cool to know two complete strangers who I’ve never met before are reading about what I do. Pretty humbling.

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One thought on “Day #71, March 28, 2013-

  1. Sam

    Stay classy. – Dude in Boston

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