Day #27, February 12, 2013-


                Today was day #2 of working at the bed and breakfast. I woke up at 7 am and ate some cereal and prepared for the day, and walked next door to the bed and breakfast at 8. I cleaned a bathroom, swept some rooms, and did some other general cleaning stuff. I only had to work 4 hours today because I worked an extra hour last night, which was really cool. The host is extremely friendly and very reasonable. He shows you exactly how he wants everything done and is more than willing to answer questions. He’s a bit ‘eccentric’—he has pictures of naked men all over his office and there are copies of Hustler magazine sitting on the coffee table in the living room of the bed and breakfast. He also has a wooden, hand –carved ash-tray that is a giant wooden penis that he says he got from the Philippines. Odd, but he’s a really nice guy nonetheless. Whatever floats his boat.

                I got out of work at 12, and I would have hitchhiked to the beach at that point but my host happened to be heading there himself so he gladly gave me a ride. We ended up going to Kehena, the local un-official clothing optional black-sand beach that all the hippies go to. Naked men and the stench of marijuana are the norm there, and it’s quite an interesting sight to behold. I didn’t swim much since the water is extremely violent. I got in for about thirty seconds and struggled to swim even that long. I stayed for about two hours and then decided to head back to Pahoa, which meant hitchhiking for about 9 miles. I only had to wait about five minutes before getting my first ride, which was from a couple in Hawaiian shirts who were headed out to the coast to go try and see some lava flows. They drove me and another hitchhiker (who was about 60—thick, white beard, old. Nice man, but odd) about 5 miles before dropping us off again. During the drive we all pretty much swapped mini life stories, and discussed the island and things of that nature. It was actually really fun and a really fascinating experience. You get to learn so much about someone in such a short period of time and then they disappear from your life forever. After that, we were picked up by a man in a dingy, beat up car. The man was a carpenter and I didn’t talk much during this ride because the driver and the other hitchhiker were deep into conversation. He was nothing but kind to us though and dropped us off along the road. He said he would be driving into town in ten minutes and promised to pick us up if we were still there when he got back. That ended up not being necessary because two minutes later an old VW bus picked us up. These people were another couple and were just as nice and kind as everybody else I had ridden with. We only had basic small talk since town was pretty close at that point, and then they dropped me off outside of town and we said aloha to one another and were once again on our separate ways. To get home I had to walk five minutes through town, so I took that time to run to some shops and run a few errands and pick up a few things. After doing that and heading to the local coffee shop to use the internet I headed home and nothing of any real interest happened after that. Tomorrow should be just as eventful as today though and I’m really looking forward to it. I will probably go to the Pohoiki hot ponds that I went to a few weeks ago and chill there for a bit and just relax.

                I’m really happy here, though. As long as there are no hidden surprises (hidden surprises were everywhere at my last place) then I think I will do just fine here and this will continue to be a great opportunity. I also learned about some possible paid work in town, so I may do that in a month or so if I need some funds. But yeah, this place is awesome, and I’m really happy I made it here. Hitchhiking was surprisingly enjoyable and it’s something I look forward to doing more. Okay, rambling over.

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One thought on “Day #27, February 12, 2013-

  1. I love this Devin. Keep writing. You have a special gift in you’re writing..which is one of many gifts that you possess.

    I is amazing how writing things down can open your eyes all the more to your own experiences. One day, too, you’ll go through these writings and remember/relive your experiences far beyond what your memory by itself would provide.

    We (your friends and family) enjoy following your adventures as, again, you have a gift that brings your reader right alongside you.

    Happy trails!

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