The First Day (So Far)

My view from LAX

My view from LAX

Got about 2 hours of sleep last night before having to wake up at 4 to head to BWI. After saying goodbye to my family and getting slightly teary-eyed, I headed out to Philadelphia, which was easy enough. Once there I ate, walked around, and got on Reddit–pretty much everything I do at home. Three hours later and I was on my 6 hour flight to LA which, while not bad by any means, was pretty grueling. The third guy in our row was kind of a dick (I had to explain to him that if I could not go to the restroom and keep him from getting up I would in a heartbeat, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. He didn’t appreciate my joke that ‘I guess this is the epitome of ‘shit happens, huh?’. What a prick.) and the flight was rather cramped, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. Just very long, and quite boring at times. Now I sit in LAX waiting to head out to Honolulu in a bit–yet another 6 hour flight. It really blows that I’m trapped in here, because the weather in LA right now is absolutely perfect. But, hopefully this flight is a little better. I think I’ll be able to sleep this time, which will definitely be appreciated. I’ll be arriving in Honolulu at 8pm Hawaiian time (11pm LA time, 2am Maryland time) and, hopefully, I’ll do some more updates then.

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