The Least Meaningful People My Life Has to Offer

I feel like people have this idea that by leaving your comfort zone you will be doomed to total, unavoidable disaster. When I tell people about this trip I get a lot of comments in the vein of “Is that safe?” “Can you really do that?” “You’re going to die/end up in modern day slavery”, and I think it’s ridiculous. Yes, there is something to be said for being careful, but must we all live in giant fear-bubbles? Must we all be deathly scared of the world around us? Trips like this aren’t for everybody (shoot, they may not even be for me), but why must we try to beat those who want something a bit more out of life into submission? Previously I was under and extreme amount of anxiety because of this trip, but I have now realized that the majority of that anxiety has come from listening to the people who say I can’t do this–listening to those people that are pretty much the least meaningful people my life has to offer. And it’s a mistake I won’t be making anymore.

Also: To be fair, I have been getting a lot of positive responses to this trip, and to those people I say thank you. Thanks to everyone who thinks I can actually do this–it means a lot.

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